Photographs speak to the mind + soul. I find that simplicity is best when planning sessions & weddings. Ultimately, it's based upon you. You with your husband. You with your family. You with your children. Let's keep things simple. I want to capture the sweetest of moments while simply snapping away while you guys be you. Do what comes natural & just let things flow. I can promise that if this comes of intimidating to you at me, this introverted gal right here will be the first to say that I belong behind the camera. But, trust me when I say that after the first few frames, you won't even really know I am there. Outside of random soft guidance for you guys, I am not a big fan of stiff posing, you will just hear my random squeals of joy when I see the images I catch on the back of my camera. 

it's all about

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As a matter of fact, I actually really dislike the word pose. haha! I mean that, though. I would like to think that it's pretty clear that I run a laid back show here. 
My goal is that when clients look back on their images, that they not only smile while viewing them, but also can hear the laughter that was happening when the shutter clicked. That they can feel the warm breeze that was at the time of the session, blowing through their hair. That they can remember that sweet smell of their babes hair when they were snuggling them tight as a newborn. Let's not get caught up in the busyness of life. Don't let the hustle + bustle rob us of memories because we were too busy to slow down. I want to help slow things down a bit. Let's preserve these moments for you. 



lifestyle sessions

Lifestyle Sessions are about capturing candid, natural moments from real movement & expression.
couples • families • children


SGP is here to capture real, authentic moments for couples with a love for the outdoors, full of love & enjoy simply being themselves. For 2018, SGP will be taking on a limited amount of weddings. 
• all wedding collections include complimentary engagement sessions 

local lifestyle bloggers

Now booking local lifestyle bloggers in the Missouri/Illinois St. Louis area looking for a photographer to capture them in their day-to-day routine around the city. Great for photos for websites, blogs & social media content.

BEGINNING AT $350/hour