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June 4, 2017

Sunset in the park

I feel like summer sunsets were made for taking time to have moments like the images you will see below.

They are meant for lots of family time.

Lots of slow, simple moments so that you can take it all in.

Moments that you really need to see, feel & fully consume with your soul.

Just like the beauty in a sunset, time goes by just like that.

Prioritize these sweet, slow moments to cherish this time that goes by in a blink.


This family was so sweet & their precious baby girl was such a wonderful sport for this session that ran into her bedtime a bit. Like you guys have heard me say before, I capture my most favorite images when I set back & let families BE. No posing, no stress. Just sit back & do your thing. And when it’s all done in front of a golden sunset…we’re destined to get images you’re going to cherish forever.


family time is the best time.




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