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June 1, 2017

Soon to be family of 5

If you know me, you know that I am a rather quiet, introverted gal. I tend to keep to myself & don’t talk to unless spoken to. While I would say I am somewhat shy still, photography has broadened my horizons & helped me to bust out of my shell a bit. I mean, I’m meeting complete strangers that find me on the internet… I follow them around & tell them what to do for crying out loud! lol Just kidding, I actually don’t really tell them ‘what’ to do…rather give small suggestions + guidance. lol But, I am mean, I can’t help but feel extremely grateful for this opportunity to photograph people. It’s such a joy to me & even more of a joy to see + hear the reactions of my clients when they see their images. They think I did all the work, which is true to an extent (the equipment, the shooting, the editing, etc. okay, yes. this is lots of work)….but I mean really, I am just following them around, letting them BE THEMSELVES while I capture moments they may not see themselves and/or these beautiful moments that they will want to cherish forever.

Clients: Thank you all for letting me capture such wonderful moments in your lives. My hope is that when you look back at the images from your session(s) that you are able to smile & relive those moments in your mind.





Enough about me. 😉  Check out this adorable family below that is awaiting their sweet baby.

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