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June 1, 2017

Family mini session down by the creek

Life is busy. Wait, life is CRAZY busy. And don’t hear this coming from a photographer’s point of view, hear it from the mom in me… Life should never be so busy that you aren’t taking photos or taking time out to have your family photographed. Ever since becoming a mother, 7 years ago now! (OMG—seriously you guys. Someone slow it down a smidge. I blinked & my oldest is 7.) But, even before being a mom, photos have always been a big part of my life. My memory is pretty good. Too good if you ask my husband. lol But, having photos to help relive moments, revive memories…I just don’t think you could ask for more. Especially in this busy life we all live. And as a parent, I can say that time goes by even faster & is even harder to grasp, so the best way to hold on to these moments is by savoring them with photos.

This leads me to the reason I offer mini sessions ever so often throughout the year. (At then end of this blog post is the link to the current mini session deal that I have running for the summer)

I know time is valuable, trust me. But, let me get you & your family in front of my camera for 20 minutes & I’ll capture all of the beauty there is to see for you. Savor the moments you guys. Capture them & hold on to them forever. <3








Let me take you on a light chasing adventure & let's set up a Summer Sunset session! What better setting to capture some…

Posted by Simply Gracious Photography on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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