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March 23, 2017

January | Tuesday’s Together – St. Louis

It’s been an honor to co-lead the St. Louis Rising Tide Society group for almost 2 years now. (I cannot believe it will be 2 years in June!)

As a small business owner, from the get go I was searching for something like The Rising Tide Society. So, a couple of years ago when someone tagged me in the founder’s first initial post about searching for leaders in cities nationwide, I was so pumped! A group created off the basis of creative entrepreneurs that believe in being COMMUNITY over competition?? It screamed my name, even being the introvert that I am & here we are, as I said before, almost 2 years out. I am still incredibly honored to be part of such an amazing group of people.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month with one topic to discuss. Having the topic is wonderful, but our group doesn’t need a specific topic to get the sparks flying. So many amazing people have been able to connect because of these gatherings.


Below are photos from our January 2017 gathering. Mia Grace Bridal in Chesterfield, MO was kind enough to host our meeting for this month. These ladies have such a gorgeous space filled with every brides dream inside. This has been another wonderful perk of the monthly meetings is getting to see local businesses & sometimes even get to hear their personal story as a business. This is why each month we are looking for a local business to graciously host us & by host us I simply mean, allow us to meet in their space for 2 hours.  : )  Drinks + snacks are definitely not expected, but definitely welcomed as we are very thankful for them.  ; )

I am excited to see all of the goodness + collaborations 2017 holds for our large group of insanely talented creatives!

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